Mikkel PedersenA student with passion for tech and peopleBased in Copenhagen
26 yearsFatherCBS Student
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About me

Hi, I am Mikkel, a guy at 26 with a passion for improving human potential and well-being through the application of tech. I live in Copenhagen with my girlfriend, Freja, and our 1,5 years old daughter, Alma. I stumbled upon coding 2 months ago, and fell in love. I am currently on a steep learning curve, and I spend the most of my time learning technologies such as React JS, Node JS, Machine Learning, databases, and cloud infrastructure. My dream is to build the next Danish Unicorn-Startup providing tech solutions for people to live a more meaningfull life.

My interests
Family timeI try to be a present and loving father and husband everyday. Today will never come back.
ProgrammingI love the freedom one have to create everything. Almost like a digital version of LEGO.
Keto dietSimply, because my brain and body works better burning ketones.
FitnessPreferably, I hit the gym 3-4 times per week with a focus on strenght building.
Guitar playingI have always loved playing the guitar. I also play the piano and have experimented with music production.
BooksMy personal library consists of about 250 books - primarily non-fiction.